29 Desember 2022

Update of changes from USG

USG group has made changes to the organizational layout by halting the FCA license. The FCA is a very mature and the most reputable financial authority nonetheless, the decision of implementing our organization’s strategic change is to boost competitive advantage in the everchanging financial sector. USG UK has entered a change of halting the FCA on December 16, 2022. Will my account be affected?No.Will my account ne...(Read more)

30 Juni 2021

USG Account Managers—Your Trusted Trading Partner

Since the rebranding of USG in May 2021, we’ve received numerous positive feedback from traders. Our rebranding attempt has been encouraged by every of you who’ve been through the ups and downs of USG. We are more than sure about offering premium services for clients in need. The prominent reason why USG is continued capable of maintaining clients’ high stickiness in forex market is owing to the tailored services pro...(Read more)

3 Mei 2021

United Strategic International Group Rebranding Continuous Serving in Forex Market

As a foreign exchange broker who holds world-wide reputation for over 16 years, to fully meet clients’ needs for various trading choices, we are now proud to announce that we are changing our name form Union Standard International Group to United Strategic International Group. We chose “United” and “Strategic” to present our core vision. We have revolutionized with our corporate image and impression as we walk into a...(Read more)

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